Technical support / FAQ - Air hockey

1. What shall I do if the device doesn't work at all?

Please check if it is plugged in. If yes please check if the switch under the table is ON. If it still does not work probably it is neccessary to exchange fuses placed near the switch.

2. What shall I do if the machine scores incorrectly or it displays information saying; 'optics error'?

First step is to clean the optics. If it does not help optics' calibration is needed, (press a little black button on the optics and hold it for about 5 sec. until it starts flashing. After that you should choose OP 12 in Menu to make an optics' test. If all these operations bring no effet optics exchange is needed.

3. What shall I do if the puck is not blocked after the game or it does not appear after starting the game?

Please select OP 09 test engine in Menu (closing-opening). If it does not work, it will require exchange of engie attached to metal doors or exchange of the mainboard. If everything works properly but there is no puck it is likely that the puck has been stolen or lost.

4. Device displays F56E – what does it mean?

It is the mainboard's error. Please chceck if blue-white and blue-red cables are properly plugged. If it does not help it would require the exchange of the mainboard.

5. What shall I do if the device does not accept coins?

Please check if the inserted coins go to a cashbox. I

a) if no, please check if coin mechanism's cable is plugged properly. If it does not help it would require exchanging coin mechanism.

b) if yes check the settings in Menu by selecting OP 21. Factory settings (for coin mechanisms programmed to accept Euro) are following:

CH 04 impulse 01 bonus 00
CH 05 impulse 02 bonus 00
CH 06 impulse 04 bonus 00

6. Why there is no sound?

There are two different types of sound in our devices: demo music and game music and they are set up separately. First of all try to make it louder by pressing '+' button on the mainboard.

Watch and learn how to do it:

If it does not help it may be neccessary to exchange SD crd or the mainboard. Watch and learn ho to do it:

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