Billiards / Carom

Carom billiards (fr. carambolage, known also as a french billiards) is a game born in France. Its orignial name carambolage derives from a fruit associated with a red billiards ball used in this game. Unlike the other types of billiards carom tables have no pockets and there are only 3 billiard balls used during the game.

According to your request we can manufacture carom table on a basis of our standard wooden pool and snooker tables. Available playfield dimensions: 284 cm x 142 cm, 254cm x 127 cm, 230 cm x 115 cm, 210 cm x 105 cm. We can provide you with the most professional equipment including cues, balls, heating system etc. If you want to learn more about available models and equipment contact us!

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