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ROLL 'n' JUMP- the coolest alley bowler on the market!

Brand NEW game from WIK!

This is our version of a classic game called alley bowler!
Colorful, Advanced, Fun to Play! Fun to empty your cashbox!!!

See how it works!

Technical information:

  • electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5
  • reliable ball release system
  • multiplayer mode
  • linkable
  • 8 balls included
  • ticket dispenser and bill acceptor ready
  • easy and fast assembly
  • power supply 230v/50Hz or 110V (for American market)
  • power consumption 105 W (demo mode), 180 W (game mode)
  • Warranty; 12 Months
* external size 122" x 31,5" x 94,5"  
Package size:
2 pcs: 39,4"x 31,5"x 85" each  Weight: 617,3 lbs

availability: in stock

price: 5195 USD


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